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We truly do care about the effects of our actions on the wider world. We know that even our smallest decisions have far-reaching consequences. This is why we make our gear here.

We can’t compete on price with mass-manufactured, imported goods from countries with low labour costs. On the surface, and to your pocket,  it may seem that our gear is more expensive. But does imported gear really cost less? Or are there just plenty of hidden expenses?

Our precious natural environment pays a hefty price from the use of polluting fossil fuels in the prolific production of low-quality goods overseas. It creates acres of carbon miles in transport and then there’s the chemical poisoning from non-organic clothing crop pesticides.

There’s the human cost too; jobs, skills and equipment are lost from New Zealand and, most alarming, plenty of employees overseas are working in underpaid, unethical or exploitative conditions and, sadly, many of them aren’t even adults yet.

It’s only when you completely ignore the true cost of fast fashion that these imported garments seem good value.

As a company with a conscience, we cannot ignore these realities; we don’t want to tax this beautiful planet by using its precious resources in the production of throw away clothes. We want to ensure those that make our quality gear are treated fairly and can afford to feed their families. Making our gear in NZ is our way of upholding these all-important values.

We believe in little, heartfelt actions that are respectful to our environment and all its inhabitants so we make small, creative ranges in our hometown, from the highest-quality materials we can source; wholesome clothing that’s good for the soul.

Thank you for your ongoing support of New Zealand made  - together we can create a sustainable community for the future.