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We love to support local talent so our garments have been blessed with some truly gorgeous (and cheeky!) graphics over the years by these amazing NZ creatives...

Mary Louise Anderson
Hailing from the wild West Coast, artist Mary Louise Anderson gets her inspiration from our unique natural environment, just like us! Read something about Mary below.

S16 Content Artist Paradise Falls-548               Web Artist MaryLouiseAnderson Profile 
My favourite walk takes me on a journey through coastal subtropical bush, nikau palms and tree ferns. A familiar wood pigeon sits in a whitey wood tree, soaking up the sun on the edge of the forest. The track drops down through the flax and wind-blown scrub to a headland, circled with offshore islands; a spiritual place, where cormorants fly in big loops and waxeyes hop on salty stunted coprosma bushes. I’m imagining flying fish and Gothic lighthouses, its my creative mission to mix beautiful real places with imaginative imagery, brought to life with pencils, watercolours, oil paint and printmaking techniques and made in the hope that we can preserve the places we love.

Jason Kelly

Jason’s locally-inspired, recycled philosophies echo our own and so especially for us (and you!) he has created some uber-cool graphics for the chalkydigits guy. Edgy artworks with a humorous twist on our distinctive kiwi flavour, often his messages are a ”pith” take on Aotearoa’s cultural landscape. Anything from used car doors to recycled timber to old surfboards become his canvas.

Web Artist JasonKellyJK Bike

What’s your favourite pet? The leprechaun that sits on my shoulder in my studio most days and tells me limericks. What’s the best thing to do on Sunday morning? Wait for the excited look on my sons face when I get him out of his cot. What audacious dream do you want to achieve in your lifetime? Clone myself from 1980. What did you have for breakfast? A fresh glass of JK pith off orange juice. Who do you most admire? My ma and pa. What’s your life motto? It’s better to burn out than fade away. What was your school nickname? Superfreak. What’s under your couch? Carpet.
See Jason's work at www.jasonkellydesign.co.nz      

S13 Content Video
Check out Jason painting the town green in our Summer 12 Behind the Scenes Video.

Brigid Allan
It was during a climbing season in the Milford Sounds that Brigid first set out on the artist path. She found herself painting through the rain waiting for a fine spell to climb. A qualified Geologist and Industrial Abseiler, Brigid has focused on her art ever since, now painting through the fine spells as well! With many solo exhibitions behind her, she continues to develop her art technically, emotionally and conceptually and is headed for Visual Arts study so she can teach her passion.
Brigid has worked with Chalkydigits a few times over the years, finding the design collaboration to be an exciting time creatively. “Inspiration comes from everywhere and when I least expect it, but my love for adventure and the outdoors keeps me connected to my surroundings, here too I find my inspiration. My favourite destination is always the mountains, the mountains, the mountains... for a colossal snow fight with my kids!”
Check out Brigid's artwork here: http://brigidallan.com/

Web Artist BrigidAllan2


Lianne Edwards

Lianne Edwards is the creative nous responsible for many of the graphics in our Summer 10 and 11 ranges. We love that Lianne is as inspired by nature as we are and together we think we make a really good fit! Her kokako design was carefully reworked to become the limited edition "Our Hearts Beat For Kokako" pin badge from which we raised $17,000 for preserving this endangered species.

Web Artist LianneEdwards

“My artwork usually focuses on the natural world, the environment around us, and my particular interest – New Zealand’s unique plants and animals. I like to re-use or recycle materials in my work, and chalkydigits philosophy of the sustainable use of resources and using local manufacturers fits in with my way of thinking.

The Shortness of Life Cropped-512

The sketches I have done for Chalky Digits are based upon my love of nature, I like both the patterns of nature –such as the whorl of leaves, or the arrangement of petals, and the chaos evident in nature - the diversity of colour and form as seen with the butterflies. The butterflies also reference chaos theory and the butterfly effect, where small changes to living systems can have large and unintended consequences. I believe this emphasises the fragility and vulnerability of the natural world.”
Lianne can be contacted at lianne.edwards@farmside.co.nz or check out her work at www.whitespace.co.nz


Aaron Hogg
In collaboration with Aaron Hogg, we produced bold graphics for the guys reflecting their uniquely kiwi attitude towards life in this land of the long white cloud. Some of these designs hearken back to the heady days of our ‘70’s youth, others represent a cheeky twist on modern day dilemmas.
Check out Aaron's work at http://moadesign.net

Web Artist AaronHogg

Ben Reid
The talented Ben Reid is a print and mixed-media artist whose work provides gentle reminders of the fragile nature of New Zealand's environment. Ben's focus is on vulnerable native flora and fauna whose existence has been threatened by disease, loss of habitat and the introduction of exotic predators. Ben created the stunning native-inspired print for our Winter 09 range, featuring our endangered kakariki and little spotted kiwi. He also designed our gogeous Robin badge, the proceeds of which funded the restoration of this cheeky bird back to eco-sanctuary Chalky Island.
Check out Ben's artwork at www.benreid.co.nz

Web Artist BenReid2