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True Blue Kiwi Clothing...

Love NZ made: Born in the back blocks of NZ’s south island many moons ago, while under the spell of our fair land, all our styles are lovingly crafted right here at home. Manufacturing here means we can ensure that the quality of our construction is top-notch and the numbers of each style are limited, so you get to be unique and wear your gear for years – it’s the best bang for your buck!

Love local talent: The gorgeous graphics you see featured on our ranges is the result of a hearty collaboration between Chalkydigits design brain and the superlative local artists we encourage out of the NZ woodwork. We love to showcase their creative talents and dig how it adds more unique, kiwi flavour to our gear.

Love thy land: The function and aesthetics of our garments are so intrinsically connected to our spectacular environment and our lived kiwi lifestyle so giving something back is a no-brainer! A percentage of all our web and shop sales are channelled into saving our endangered species. Because it just feels right.

Wholesome clothing that’s good for the soul!