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Its Time To Say Goodbye

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Wow, what an incredibly fun and amazing journey Chalkydigits has been these past 17 years! Like slow food cooked with love, our organic evolution from its caravan conception in Wanaka, to some very late nights in a box-filled living room in Christchurch, to the brand it is now has been a wonderful and nourishing part of my life and I am very proud of it. You all should be too as you have made it what it is!

I‘ve always been inspired by our great kiwi lifestyle and my desired lifestyle right now is to be wholly devoted to my new, little family. The time has come for me to let go of my first baby Chalkydigits, and to dedicate my time and energy to my two small boys, and so sadly but with a fulfilled heart its time for Chalky’s to take a holiday.

This has been such a hard decision to make as Chalkydigits truly has been my life and passion for nearly two decades, but as all of you parents out there know, our little ones grow up so fast and my time with them is too precious to let it pass me by.

All of YOU have made Chalkydigits’ longevity and success possible by loving and supporting our designs, by choosing quality and NZ made, by sharing our passion and values and by helping us to realise some fantastic conservation goals. Your love of Chalkydigits has fuelled me to keep going through the rough times over the years, in what is a really tough industry. Thank you!

Though we have always been a small brand, together we’ve made a big impact upon the preservation of our native bird species, and it’s truly warmed the cockles of my heart to be able to give something back to our beautiful homeland.

You have stood for what we do and I have endless thanks for that!


This is not the end of our beloved Chalky’s forever but just a holiday for a while so I can devote some treasured time to my young boys, do some travelling, spend lots of time in our beautiful wilderness and get inspired by this amazing country all over again.

My passion for nature combined with a love of design and a desire to create means Chalkydigits WILL be back one day…so please, watch this space!


We know you’ll keep loving your chalkydigits gear for years to come, as it has always been our mandate to create long-lasting clothing but for now, this is our last winter range and the upcoming summer will be our very last season.  We will only be holding very limited stock too, so please get in quick sticks and stock up while you can.

A final word from me...

For all of you out there with a dream of creating something you are truly passionate about, know that you can! Believe in your dream and yourself, give it all you’ve got, and then a little more, and know that your love for what you do will be enough to make it a success! Don’t let anything stand in your way or anybody tell you otherwise!

W17 Email13 Arohanui

Chalkydigits Founder and Nature Lover!

Note: Chalkydigits Loyalty Points will still be issued until 31st May, 2017 and redeemable until 24th December, 2017. Chalkydigits Gift Vouchers will still be redeemable until 31st December, 2017.